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I spent more summers of my childhood in Norway than summers when I didn't. Possibly the happiest moments of my life had been in Norway with my family and friends. Those moments are hard to capture, so instead enjoy many natural photos I took up there.

The first time I must have been around six years old. I can't remember very much from back then. Most times we went to Norway on family vacation with other families. Our hosts showed us the beauty of Norway in a playful way. We explored the nature of Norway by feet, car and canoe. There are beautiful places which are worth seeing with one's own eyes. We went hiking on mountains and canoeing rivers for days. Drinking from rivers, eating blueberries, baking pizza in a self made stone oven. Sitting on beaches, with the sun over our heads, swimming in lakes, building stone dams in rivers. Watching the wildlife, the amazement when you see a beaver's work, the excitement when you meet an elk mid night. In the evenings we sat by the campfire, listening to the guitar, maybe eating Stockbrot. Being awake at night, seeing the milky way above us so clearly like never before, uncountable stars, walking through the dark with only a flashlight. It was a very other level of enjoyment. A slow life, a simple but exciting time.

In the later years we took the car to see more of this gorgeous country in the north. There were many places yet to discover. Glaciers, fjords, valley and many more. These photos are from these years mostly. Enjoy!

I hope to go back to Norway soon. It had always been a great time. Even though I can't relive the old times, I want to experience Norway again with new friends. Let the memories be memories and the future create new!

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