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Like the previous years we went to Norway for our summer vacation. In 2006 he hit the roads for two or three weeks to see more places of this magnificent country. We crossed the highlands between Bergen and Oslo, hiked to the Kjerag and visited a glacier.

I was stunned by the power of basicly just some ice laying around. Strong cold winds, a torrential river. The air was hot, the amount of water coming from that glacier immense. Still, it was growing ... unbelievable! The highlands are a place of its own. You don't find there much, no trees, but stone, grass and bushes everywhere. The landscape changed but the beauty remained. Almost thousand meters over the fjord lies the Kjerag, a stone trapped between the rock of the mountain. It is one of those unique places on earth. If you fall here you fall nearly all the way down to the water. It is thrilling to be at such a place.

We did way more in the time we were up in Norway, but I fail to remember some of it which makes me sort of sad. Anyway, there is sachem hidden in the images. If you can't find him don't despair, I didn't even saw him when I took his image.

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